ISSJ supports relative adoption of foreign nationals residing in Japan. We closely work with the Department of Children and Youth (DCY) in Thailand and follow their inter-country adoption procedures.
ISSJ conducts a home study, prepare home study report along with the necessary documents, and submit these documents to the central authority. We also assist with other necessary procedures at the request of the central authority.

For adoption from other countries, please contact ISSJ via email or phone for further information.


Service Fee

Process Fee Fee for Actual Expenses
Orientation 5,000 JPY
Initial Interview 10,000 JPY
Home Study Relatives: 200,000 JPY + Actual Expenses

Non-relatives: 300,000 JPY + Actual Expenses

Travel Expenses for Home Visit
Child Study Relatives: 40,000 JPY
Authentication proceeding 10,000 JPY + Actual Expenses per session Travel Expense, Postage and

Notarization/Authentication Fee

Post Placement Visit 25,000 JPY + Actual Expenses Travel Expense for Home Visit

*Payment at each session is required.