Donations /Membership
Thanks to the generous donations and grants from individuals and corporations alike, ISSJ is able to continue serving the community. There are many ways you can help ISSJ with your donations; whether it’s for a specific activity or continuously as a member, we appreciate your help. When becoming a member, ISSJ’s membership fee goes towards ISSJ’s general activities.
Corporate Partnership
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on helping society, and also builds trust between the people and companies. There are many ways companies and other organizations can help with ISSJ’s activities and events.
ISSJ newsletter “INTERCOUNTRY” is published semiannually with updates on our latest activities and events.
Information about Volunteering and internship
Participating in Events
The adoption process does not just end upon adoption court process; instead, it’s a process that lasts throughout a lifetime for people involved. ISSJ recognize adoptee’s right to know and we consider tracing service a part of adoption.
Donate unused goods
Please donate unused and unwanted items at home.
●Baby items(unused)・products for expectant mothers
●Unused Post Cards, Postage Stamps, Gift Certificates, Telephone Cards, etc