Thanks to the generous donations and grants from individuals and corporations alike, ISSJ is able to continue serving the community. There are many ways you can help ISSJ with your donations; whether it’s for a specific activity or continuously as a member, we appreciate your help. When becoming a member, ISSJ’s membership fee goes towards ISSJ’s general activities.

Make A Donation

(1)Credit Card

There are two types of donations: donation by freely setting the amount, and a fixed amount donation “Monthly Supporter Donation”.

The following credit cards can be used;

One Time Donation

Monthly Suporter Donation

(2)Bank Transfer

Recipient: MUFG Bank, LTD, Nakameguro Branch,
Branch Nr: 643
Deposit Account: 0397932
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
Account name: Nihon Kokusai Shakai Jigyodan
※If you donate through a bank, please contact us by email (, phone (03-5840-5711), or fax (03-3868-0415) and tell us your name and address so we can send you a donation receipt.

(3)Postal Transfer

If you want to make donations through a post office, we will send you the bank transfer form. Please contact us so we can send the form to you.

E-Mail: Phone: 03-5840-5711, FAX: 03-3868-0415

Account Nr: 00190-7-64911
Account Name: Shakai Fukushi Hojin Nihon Kokusai Shakai Jigyodan
※Please write “donation” in the space, and we will send you a donation receipt (you can use it for tax refund in Japan).


Members are people who continuously help and support ISSJ and its activities.

Membership Fee (annual) ●Individuals, Groups 5,000yen (per lot)

●Corporate/Organizations 100,000yen (per lot)

●Supporting Membership 50,000yen  (per lot)

How to Apply Please send this application form via mail or FAX. We will send you membership documents.
Payment ●Postal Transfer
Account Nr. 00190-7-64911
Account Name: Shakai Fukushi Hojin Nihon Kokusai Shakai Jigyodan
●Bank Transfer
MUFG Bank, LTD, Nakameguro Branch,
Branch Nr. 643
Deposit Account Nr. 0397932
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
Account Name: Nihon Kokusai Shakai Jigyodan
  • Tax Deduction for donation
  • Recieve newsletter published twice a year
  • Recieve annual activity report
  • Recieve event information such as movie and concert

Regarding Taxation Laws for Donations to ISSJ

Thank you for considering to donate to ISSJ. ISSJ is a Social Welfare Service Corporation that is focused on the public good, therefore there are special tax terms that apply to the donations if you live in Japan.

●Donation from Individuals

Individuals who donate to nonprofit groups will receive tax deduction.
For further information please contact our office or refer to the below document.

●For organizations and corporations

Donations from organizations and companies are tax deductible.

●Donations of inheritance from inheritors

Inheritance tax will be reducted.

●Residential Tax for Individuals

For those living in Tokyo on 1st January next year of your donation, can have tax deduction from residential tax.
For those living outside Tokyo, please refer to the munincipal office where you live.