About us
International Social Service Japan (ISSJ) is a non-profit organization that helps individuals, children and families confronted with complex social welfare issues because of migration and crossing country borders.
Message From Our Chairman
ISSJ (International Social Service Japan) was authorized as a social welfare service corporation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1959. Today, it is also the Japanese branch of ISS (International Social Service) network…
ISS Network
International Social Service (ISS) was created after the First World War in 1924 in order to help unify the families that were torn apart during the war and help refugees, as well as to protect the rights and well-being of the children and families.
Beginning of ISSJ/History
ISSJ provides social work (consultation support) to families, mainly children, through adoption and support for immigrants living in Japan. ISSJ’s wide range of projects is based on the changes in society from its establishment to the present and the practices of its social workers in response to these changes.
Activity / Fiscal Report
The adoption process does not just end upon adoption court process; instead, it’s a process that lasts throughout a lifetime for people involved. ISSJ recognize adoptee’s right to know and we consider tracing service a part of adoption.