Donate unused goods

Please donate unused and unwanted items at home.

●Baby items(unused)・products for expectant mothers
●Unused Post Cards, Postage Stamps, Gift Certificates, Telephone Cards, etc

Please call or send e-mail( if you have any questions. Please send the items to the address below and arrange a scheduled deliver weekday. Shipping charge is to be taken care by sender.We appreciate your support.

3F Ochanomizu K&K Building
1-10-2 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034
Tel: 03-5840-5711
Fax: 03-3868-0415

Otakara Aid

If you have any unwanted valuable items, you can take them to Otakaraya Meguro-Yamate Dori branch (, and they will value your items. If you decide to donate the items, 10% of the value will be added and that amount is donated to ISSJ. For more information, please call ISSJ (03-5840-5711).