Support Services for Migrants and Refugees
    ISSJ provides a wide range of consultation services for refugees and migrant families  in Japan in order to facilitate their integration into Japanese society. 
    Who is a Refugee?
    Refugees are people who were forced to flee their country due to conflicts or human rights violation. They don’t have the protection of their country and don’t know when they can return home.
    Residence Status and Social Services
    There are different types of residence status for refugees and asylum seekers. Social services they can access vary depending on their legal status. For providing social support, it is important to check available resources such as health insurance or resident registration, and develop a new resource for the person when necessary.
    Messages from Clients
    From Adoptees…
    Fifteen years ago, I sat in the office of my orphanage listening to the white haired director teach me how to speak the words “Hello. My name is Naoki. Nice to meet you”. I was getting….