ISSJ newsletter "INTERCOUNTRY" is published semiannually with updates on our latest activities and events.

Vol 53 Nov. 30, 2017 →PDF download

  • Greetings from the Chairman of the Board
  • What's New

    • Adoption
    • Adoption from Thailand
    • Parent-Child Visitation Assistance
    • Refugee Support
  • Minds of Parents and Their Child
  • Multicultural Mental Health
    Participation at the US Embassy Sponsored Seminar
    – Support for cases of Child-abduction and visitation with parents

Vol 52 Mar. 31, 2017 →PDF download

  • Adoption Cases Assisted by ISSJ for the last 10 years (2006~2016)
  • Searching Birth Roots from Germany
  • Report
    Training Program in the USA
  • What’s New
    Greeting Cards from Adoptive Families
    ISSJ’s Onetime Asylum Seeker
    Refugee Community Support
  • Report from Palestine

Vol 51 Sep. 15, 2016 →PDF download

  • Stateless Children
  • What's New
    Search for Adoptees' Origins
    Intercountry Adoption
      Three brothers adopted by an American couple return to Japan for the first time in eight years
  • Report
    Participation in ISS Headquarters Conference
    Conclusion of Cambodia Project
    Notice for New General Director of ISSJ

Vol 50 Mar. 15, 2016 →PDF download

  • Assistance with Parent-Child Visitation or Contact after Divorce and Separation
  • Interview with Ms. Sahel Rosa