ISSJ supports adoption so that children will have the opportunity to grow up with a family. We are looking for people who will welcome and raise the children who are in need of home for various reasons, as their own.

ISSJ's adoption process is not for the prospective adoptive parents, but instead focused on the sake of the child who needs a family. Persons with reasons for adoption such as being lonely, looking for an heir to property, someone to take care of themselves in old age, and other similar reasons will have their applications rejected.

Before applying to adopt, we would like to explain a few prerequisites. For those interested, please contact us by the number below:

Phone: 03-5840-5711(Monday- Friday 10:00am-5:00pm)

Domestic Placement
Initial interview
Review and approval by the committee
Documents collection
Home study process
Review and approval by the committee
Matching interview
Meeting the child(ren)
Adjustment period of at least 6 months and home visits
Adoption petition and report to the city hall

Intercountry Adoption