Assistance with Information Exchange with Adoptive Parents and Adopted Children in British Columbia, Canada

The birth parents or relatives of an adopted child in British Columbia, Canada, are eligible to apply to the state government for the exchange of identifying or non-identifying information with the child’s adoptive parents. The information exchange may range from medical information, letters, cards and pictures, to the full exchange of names and addresses for direct contact.

In response to the state government’ request, ISSJ provides information in Japanese and assists with the application process for the Post-Adoption Openness Registry. For the details of the Post-Adoption Openness Registry in Japanese, please refer to the “Notice: To Relatives of Japanese Children Adopted in British Columbia, Canada (PDF).” 

Reference from the official website of the Government of British Columbia

・Post-Adoption Openness Registry

・Post-Adoption Openness Registry Application

Adoption Act(section 60)Post-Adoption Openness Registry

Adoption Regulation(section19)Post-Adoption Openness Registry

Please contact ISSJ by phone or email if you want to apply for the Post-Adoption Openness Registry. We will explain the application process and how to complete the form.