Seasonal Greetings from ISSJ

Dear All,

Happy New Year.
As we step into another year, I’d like to thank you for your continuous support and encouragement to ISSJ. You may have mixed feelings about celebrating a new year when the covid-19 wreaks havoc in the world, but first and foremost, we wish you health and moments of peace.

Amid the crisis that would go down in the human history, I feel as if a heavenly voice tells us to reexamine the way we are in all respects.  These days it is getting harder to see the truth or what matters most, partly due to a flood of information. What do you think about this?

A French author, Saint-Exupéry, once said that “what is essential is invisible to the eye”, and these words convince me that we are living in an age where deep insight and acumen are needed as never before.

ISSJ has been, and will continuously be cherishing the lives of children and refugees. This is our bases. Keeping this in mind will always help us see the invisible essentials. On the other hand, we are aware that ISSJ has to transform itself to the changing needs in the society and times.

This year we will move ahead towards reform with our core values that never change.  We strive for it, and will show you the accomplishment.

I hope that 2021 is a year of growth and prosperity for all of us.


Satoshi Nagasaka
International Social Service Japan