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We can conduct an assessment of families who have connections with foreign countries.


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Q.    I would like to know if my child can be raised by relatives in his country of origin. Where should I seek an assistance?

A.    Through the ISS branches, social worker in your country can make an assessment on your relatives and confirm their willingness and ability of child- rearing. You will receive an assessment report in English with a Japanese translation.

* Actual Performance: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, etc.

Q.    What kind of procedure is required for a stateless child who cannot obtain the cooperation of parents to acquire nationality?

A.    We provide the following supports for acquisition of nationality.

Step 1: Confirming the whereabouts of birth mother:

Confirm the whereabouts of birth mother with cooperation of the Foreign Missionaries and related organizations/parties in Japan.

Step 2: In case whereabouts of mother is unknown:

Contact relatives in mother’s country of origin.  Check whether there are any documents that can prove the mother-child relationship.  In addition, obtain a report on the result of search from mother’s country of origin thorough the Ministries or ISS network, etc.

Step 3: Birth registration at the Foreign Missionaries in Japan:

Visit the Foreign Missionaries in Japan together with a child, along with a child study report that summarizes the whereabouts of mother, history of child’s birth, development, and placement to a child welfare institution.

Q.    Can you make an assessment of a child with foreign roots?

A.    At the request of courts or governments of Japan/overseas, we make assessment of children residing in Japan. ISSJ social worker will have interviews with a child, their families, and care workers, and prepare an assessment report either in Japanese or English.

* Actual Performance: USA, Germany, Canada, etc.

We also provide services such as counseling and consultation via phone or email in English and Tagalog, and also translation services for those languages.

Please contact ISSJ for details.


Initial Consultation via phone, e-mail, or at the ISSJ office is free.

Home Study and Assessment: 70,000 yen + actual expenses (transportation, authentication etc.)

Support for nationality acquisition: 50,000 yen + actual expenses (transportation, expenses for procedures at Foreign Missions in Japan, etc.)