The next charity movie festival on 13 October 2017, “A Man Called Ove”

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We will be screening “A Man Called Ove” (a Swedish movie) in our next charity movie festival in October. Through descriptions of warm-hearted and comical interactions between neighbors, the movie reveals there is a story and a sadness behind an isolated angry old man, Ove. Lingering, it reminds us to cherish people around us.
We will also be holding a charity bazar in which social welfare workshops will participate too. We will sale advance tickets from early August.


●Title: A Man Called Ove (Original title: En Man Som Heter Ove, Sweden, 2015)

●Date: 13 October 2017

●Screenings:   (1) 11am  (2) 2.30pm  (3) 6.40pm-8.40pm
 * We will also be holding a charity bazar from 10am to 6.40pm

●Place: Hitotsubashi Hall (Kyouiku Kaikan 3F), Jinbo-cho, Tokyo.

●Admission: 1200 yen (Please book in advance. Advance tickets will be sold from early August)

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