Parent-Child Visitation Support Guide
Revised effective as of April 2017.

As a social welfare agency providing support for parent-child visitations under the 1980 Hague Convention, ISSJ facilitates visitations and contacts between parents and their children who do not live with each other and are therefore unable to see one another without special arrangement.


Who Can Request Visitation/Contact Support

  • Parents who have applied for assistance under the Implementation Act of the Hague Convention and have received approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive visitation support

How to Obtain Parent-Child Visitation Support

  1. Initial Request
    We will respond to requests for consultation by telephone or e-mail (Japanese or English).
  2. Submission of Application Form
    Please complete the designated application form by providing requested information and submit it to ISSJ with the original signature of the applicant (the completed form can be mailed).  If you have any agreement or other relevant document pertaining to your visitation rights (such as an agreement between the parties, mediation papers, settlement records, and court judgment), please send all such documents along with the application form.
  3. Application Review.  Acceptance and Commencement of Support
    We will review the application form (and any accompanying documents or agreements) that you have submitted and determine whether to accept your request for our services.  If we decide to accept your application, we will contact you regarding procedures for payment of our case management fee.  Once receipt of this payment is confirmed, we will start working on a visitation plan.
  4. Development and Facilitation of Visitation Plan
    We will work closely with both parents and the child by phone, e-mail, or in-person meetings to develop an annual visitation plan that takes everyone’s wishes into consideration.  With respect to the actual visitation, we need one month to confirm the details for each scheduled visitation.  Please note that we cannot accommodate requests for visitations with less than one-month lead time.  Once the visitation takes place, we will follow up with both the father and the mother separately by phone, e-mail, or in-person meeting.


Description of ISSJ Services, Expenses and Fees (other than support from the Hague Convention Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Expenses/Fees Description
Case Management Fee
(Visitation plan & schedule management services)
Y20,000 per a year
*Covers one year from the date of receipt of payment, to be assessed on each anniversary thereafter
Visitation Support Fee
(Attendance of ISSJ Social Worker)


Y5,000/hour between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on business days
*Y7,500/hour after 6 p.m. on business days, and all hours on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

*Our visitation support assistance is available for a maximum of 6 hours a day for up to 5 days a month

*Generally, the above-referenced hourly fee will not be charged for the travel time for ISSJ social worker to attend visitations except as follows:

  • If the visitation requires ISSJ social worker to travel in excess of 100 km for a meeting that takes more than 4 hours (including travel time), a “travel-time charge” will be incurred in the amount of Y10,000/day in addition to the hourly Visitation Support Fee.
  • If the visitation requires ISSJ social worker to travel in excess of 100km for a meeting that takes 4 hours or less (including travel time), a “travel-time charge” will be incurred in the amount of Y5,000/day in addition to the hourly Visitation Support Fee.
Transportation Cost Charged at actual cost
*Round trip transportation to and from meeting location
*Starting point: JR Ochanomizu station
Incidental Expenses Charged at actual cost
*Includes incidental costs incurred during the meeting per visitation plan such as park admission fees and meals, etc.
Lodging Expense Charged at actual cost
*When lodging is required
Child Handover Service Fee
(when the child is picked-up and dropped-off for handover at ISSJ office)
*Available from Monday to Friday (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)


Cancellation Charge If we receive a cancellation notice the day before or on the day of the scheduled visitation, you will pay the entire amount of our Visitation Support fees stipulated for the canceled meeting in question.
You will also pay for all expenses incurred by us in preparation for such meeting, such as cost of transportation and other incidental expenses


Terms and Conditions of ISSJ Parent-Child Visitation Support Services

In working with ISSJ, it is important for all parents to observe and adhere to the following:

  1. We set the visitation schedule based on our assessment of the physical condition and schedule of the child.
  2. Once the visitation schedule is agreed upon, we will execute such visitation as arranged except in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  3. Parents should take special care NOT speak ill of the other parent, and be considerate to each other in order to allow the child to experience a positive and enjoyable visitation.
  4. Please refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol during visitation.
  5.  If we suspect or notice any abusive behavior, violence, coercion, or plans for abduction, we will terminate the visitation.
  6.  If the child allows the visiting parent to take photos or short videos, please never use any such photos or videos for mediation or other legal proceedings involving the child so as to allow the child to relax and enjoy the visit without worrying or being anxious.


The 1980 Hague Convention Concerning Support for Visitation and Contact

ISSJ has a contract with Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) to support visitation and contact between parents and children that are separated.
For further information please see Examples of visitation by ISSJ(pdf)

For those who want to be assisted by the Central Authority based on the Hague Convention, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website, “To Those Who Want to Have Visitation or Contacts with the child (Assistance Provided by Central Authority based on the Hague Convention)
(Examples of visitation by ISSJ included)