1952 Began assisting orphans from World War II and racially mixed children after the inauguration of the Japan-America Joint Committee for the Assistance of Orphans.
1955 Began social work on an international level after joining the International Social Service headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
1958 Established Okinawa Branch
1959 International Social Services Japan was accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a social services welfare agency.
1960 Established the ISSJ Kure branch in Hiroshima to provide care for racially mixed children
1973 ISS Asia Oceania Conference was held in Japan hosted by ISSJ
1974 Hosted the first orientation for prospective adoptive parents, a program that continues to this day.
1975 Received the Imperial Donation from the Emperor for contribution of helping mixed racial children.
1979 Began refugee assistance under the auspices of the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
1980 ISSJ started the charity movie event
1982 Established the Integration Counseling Program for Indo-China Refugees.  Began counseling services for refugees who completed the Refugee Assistance Center Program. 
1991 Began training international social workers
(Since then, invited trainees from Philippies and Cambodia. Sent social workers to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China)

Entered into a contract with the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development to improve welfare support for international children of Philippines origin

1995 Implemented the Vietnamese Aid for Medical Care program

Began a training program in Cambodia.  Opened the Phteah NyoNyum Day Care Center in Cambodia
Started the ISSJ Kure International Exchange Association.


Published "Caring Hands Across National Boundaries" for commemoration of 45 years of ISSJ


Hosted "ISS Asia Pacific Regional Meeting"
Published "History of ISSJ 1952-2002" in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of ISSJ


Entered into a contract with the Philippines Intercountry Adoption Board

2008 Held a conference on Intercountry Adoption and the Hague Convention
2009 Closed ISSJ Kure Office
2013 "The History of ISSJ Since 1952" was published in English
2014 Began implementing The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction into its programs